In the Light of the Kings Countenance: Reviews...

I listened to your solo deal, and i really like it. very well put together. the 2nd track reminds me a bit of early King Crimson. I've never heard anything like it, on the surface it seems like your basic new-age-acoustic-guitar bit, but the musical form is so "progressive" that it's ear-catching, kind of like a good book you can't put down. As for now it's a semi-permanent fixture in my car cd-changer.

Kevin Tucker -Word Entertainment

I have recently acquired a copy of Randy George's work in progress, 'In the Light of the King's Countenance'. (Thanks Randy) First off I have to say I really like most acoustic instrumental music, whether it is Keaggy, Hackett, California Guitar Trio, or many others. This CD is no exception. It is not only guitar, but it has violin (fiddle here in TX :) ), cello, clarinet, oboe, and some keyboards. It is a beautiful album. It is fairly quiet and introspective. I have played it about 20 times so far and it hasn't grown tiring at all. The guitar isn't always (or maybe even most of the time) the featured instrument. He gives the other musicians a real chance to shine also, esp the violin. At times, I think he may have put himself too far in the background, but the combination of instruments is really nice. Nothing is overpowering anything else. It can be listened to easily as background music, but I have been listening to it quite a bit when I am working also. Take one part Keaggy acoustic and throw in one part of Hackett's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and you have an idea. Or better yet, check out the website at and go to the albums page. I guess the biggest compliment I can give it is that my wife said she'd love to go see them play this live. And she hates going to concerts.

Dennis Hoenrich