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Updated June 2008

Threshing Floor Records has released the third in the series called CPR. This is a CD of Christian Progressive Rock artists from across the world in a limited edition collection titled CPR.

This release introduces the newest members of the CPR community including Unitopia, Apple Pie, Ted Leonard, Mike Florio, Pursuit, Mike Lockett, Ad Astra, Time Horizon, Greg Wollan and Everlasting Arms.

One of the highlights in this volume is a song by veteran rocker Phil Keaggy.  The Keaggy tune “Passport” originally appeared on his 1985 release entitled “Getting Closer”.  Produced by CPR’s own Randy George and mixed by Gene Crout, the song also features Ajalon drummer Dan Lile. Together they have reworked this classic Phil Keaggy song which now graces the CPR 3 release in an extended form.  “We are all excited to have Phil join us on this release,” co-producer Randy George says.  “He is one of the first artists that helped to expand and shape the musical horizons of the faithful.  Since the late 1960’s he has pushed musical boundaries, and remains one of the most prolific guitarists of our time. It was an honor for Dan and I to play with him on this song.”

Dan and Randy also are featured on a song from CPR newcomer Mike Lockett.

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Please order your copy today. This is a limited CD. Once they are gone they will be a collector's item.  CPR is an acronym for Christian Progressive Rock. At this time Vol.1& 2 are still available from a small handful of artists that were on it.

Wil Henderson and Randy George were also featured guests on a new release called "Reflections - An Act of Glass: The Music of Andrew Gorczyca". The recorded work from Seattle drummer Chris G is a tribute CD of the music of his late brother Andrew, and is the culmination of nearly four years’ effort devoted to countless sessions of studio recording time. At its core, the music would fall into the progressive rock category - given some of the elaborate arrangements and instrumentation. A total of eighteen progressive rock players were recorded in twelve different studios located in six different American cities. This host of artists associated with the genre (including Adrian Belew, Nick D’Virgilio, Phil Keaggy, and Mike Keneally) provided the cast of players sought by Chris to re-create Andrew’s music with professional flair and credibility. Wil [vocals] and Randy [bass] appear together on the track "Lost In It All" which also features Adrian Belew on guitar. Randy also played some synth solos on the opening track "The Tall Tale Heart" and Wil sang all the vocals on the track "From This Day Forward", which also features Phil Keaggy on guitar.

Randy George is currently reworking songs for a new solo CD. This CD will be a full band sound and mostly instrumental with Progressive and Fusion flavors along with some Contemporary Jazz sounding tunes. There will be guest performances by Michael Manring, Phil Keaggy, Dave Beegle, Neal Morse, David Ragsdale, Taylor Mesple, David Wallimann, Gene Crout, Paul Kilkenny and Dan Lile. Some snippets of this project can be heard here.

On The Threshold Of Eternity is officially released!!! On The Threshold Of Eternity features 10 songs. Also featured are guest appearances by Rick Wakeman, Neal Morse, Phil Keaggy and Taylor Mesple.  In addition Ajalon is pleased to announce that we have signed with Progrock Records!!! We hope this will be a fruitful and lasting relationship!!! Visit their website.

While you are waiting for these exciting new releases, we encourage you to check out these and other fine Christian Progressive Artists to discover a wealth of music that has, until recently remained largely unknown.

We feel very strongly about these artists as well as our own artists because of their hearts! They have a genuine desire to spread the Good News of the Gospel and they have all made great sacrifices to bring you the very best in Christian Progressive Rock Music in a world where such a thing is literally non-existent! Please support these artists.

We here at Threshing Floor Records vow, to give the world music that is positive and uplifting. Music that promotes a resurrected spiritual life-style based on biblical principles, and which supports the wholeness of the broken human condition, undergirded with healing, love, and family values.

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