Threshing Floor Records is a label that is committed to releasing quality projects that reflect spiritual integrity and give the world a positive message. In this turbulent world, Threshing Floor strives to deliver music that reflects an age when musicians were about music, and creativity was colorful and abundant. 

The term Threshing Floor comes from ancient Hebrew culture and is in fact a place where people literally pounded the chaff out of their wheat. We like to think that it reflects our commitment to recording and offering only the highest quality in the artists and their music by helping them develop and record their music to a higher standard of excellence.

It is our mission to give the world music that is positive and uplifting. And which supports the wholeness of the broken human condition undergirded with healing, love, and family values.

Popular Releases....

Randy George
"Action Reaction"
Release year: 2011
$12.95 US Dollars

"Volume 4"
Release year: 2011
$12.95 US Dollars

"This Good Place"
Release year: 2009
$15.95 US Dollars

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